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A Great place for a Picnic at Port Eliot House and Gardens

Although Port Eliot House is only approx. 5 miles from Crylla Valley Holiday Cottages along the A38,  you can feel transported back in time once you view this splendid estate.Port Eliot house

Situated in the village of St Germans it once served as a toll point to cross the River Tiddy and began life as an Augustinian Monastery.

Having been occupied for over 1000 years Port Eliot House is now very much a home first with the family having lived here since 1565 and is the seat of the Earl and Countess of St Germans.

The house has seen many of changes over time and now consists of nearly 100 rooms having been remodelled in the 18th century by Sir John Soane and consists of many treasures including masterpieces by Reynolds and Van Dyck, an intriguing mural in the round room by Lenkiewicz which you can attempt to decipher and a superb collection of furniture amassed over many years.

Port EliotIt is unfortunate you only have such a limited time to visit this elegant house as it is only open to the public for 100 days between early March and the middle of July.

Dog Friendly Wednesdays                                The gardens and  park land are worth a visit on their own and is a truly dog friendly area where all are welcome on leads and on Wednesday’s are allowed to run free (they even have the very  own dog festival and whippet tea party!).

A wonderful way to finish your visit, take a picnic enjoy the gardens or take in the stunning views along the river bank.