Crylla stars


Crylla Kingfisher

Churchtown Farm Community Nature Reserve Saltash

Churchtown Farm Saltash is my 2nd walk, with extensive views over the River Lyhner, Antony Passage, Forder Creek, the River Tamar and beyond to Devonport and Plymouth.

View from the entrance at Farm Lane across The River Lyhner

Here we are at the start of the walk.


This is the River Lyhner as seen from the entrance at Farm Lane.


Now……………………….how do I get to the water?

Meadow Field




Just hiding from Woody in the hay meadow wonder if he’ll spot me?

Where's Rex




Where are you Rex?


There's Rex


You found me!


What do you think Woody?


I knew you would like it here, with all these different field’s to explore it’s great!

Across the London to Penzance Railway line




I’ll just sit here for 5 mins and have a little rest.  Looks like the tide’s out.


Under the Viaduct close to Forder Creek


Under the Viaduct close to Forder Creek, lots of places here for the different wildlife.  The next field we go into is a popular nesting spot for skylarks, better get Woody on a lead.  Otherwise he’ll be all over the place!


The decommissioned minesweeper HMS Brecon



There’s HMS Brecon providing recruits from HMS Raleigh with their first taste of life onboard ship.  Talking of recruits not sure where young Woody has gone.

Sheviock, hamlet in SE Cornwall



Lovely view up the River Lynher and I can see the villages of Antony and Sheviock in the distance.


Pass the breakwater



Here we are at the end of the walk finishing with a view of Plymouth and Drake’s Island.

Very good walk as you can do as much or as little as you like……………..talking of little where did Woody get to!