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Family Day trip to Paignton Zoo in Devon

Paignton ZooA day trip to Paignton Zoo in Devon provides a wild day out for visitors of all ages, and especially for families, and is a great place to visit if you’re on holiday with us at Crylla Valley Cottages.

Paignton is approximately 35 miles from our cottages, much of which is travelling up the duel carriageway on the A38, and is therefore very accessible.

There are over two thousand creatures at Paignton Zoo, from the teeny Hazel Dormouse, to the enormous elephants, tall giraffes, and powerful gorillas.

The zoo is set out in different ‘zones’ which represent the various habitats of its animals.  Giraffe at Paignton ZooThis includes the desert, forest, tropical savannah, reptile tropics, wetland and primly.  Each area is very well signposted and children and big kids alike will have great fun deciding on what to see and explore next!

Monkey at Paignton ZooOur favourite animals are the monkeys, especially the baboons! They are so entertaining and  fascinating to watch as they run around their rocks, interacting with one another.

And  of course, we can’t forget to mention those fierce kings of the jungle, the lions! They really are quite something!

Family at Paignton Zoo

Eating and drinking at the zoo is all catered for and in addition to the animals, there are other attractions, including the Jungle Express Miniature Train, which offers a whole different view of the zoo and its residents.  There is an indoor and outdoor play area, as well as lots of organised events throughout the day.  Make sure you have a look at what’s on when you arrive, so that you don’t miss anything!

If you’re staying at Crylla Valley Cottages and would like to know more about visiting Paignton Zoo or planning your day out in Devon or Cornwall, please call into reception and we will be happy to help!