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Guest Information

We are delighted to be welcoming you to Crylla Valley Cottages.


****We do not permit any open fires on site including charcoal/briquettes, wood, heat logs or fire pits.****

We are pleased to be able to supply your BBQ grill & gas.

During the summer months (ahead of the May half term up until the beginning of October) we provide a gas BBQ grill (including gas) and utensils free of charge. 

Inside your property you will find utensils, a grill cleaning brush & a box of matches. If you use the BBQ you will need to turn the gas bottle tap on first, please remember to turn it off each time!

We do rely on our guests to leave the barbecue equipment clean & ready for the next guest to enjoy and we would appreciate you doing this.

We recommend reading through the full instructions, safety and usage information

How to Enjoy Your Barbecue


  • Before proceeding, make certain that you understand the IMPORTANT INFORMATION section of this
  • Your barbecue is not designed to be used with more than 50% of the cooking area as a solid plate — this includes baking Full coverage will cause excessive build-up of heat and damage the barbecue. This is not covered by warranty.

Preparation Before Cooking

To prevent foods from sticking to the cooking surface, please use a long-handled brush to apply a light coat of cooking or vegetable oil before each barbecuing session.  (Note: When cooking for the first time, paint colours may change slightly as a result. This is normal and should be expected.) During use, the protective coating may come off the cooking surface. This is normal and is not harmful. Line the drip pan with aluminium foil. This will make clean-up easy.

Lighting the Main Burner

  • Open the barbecue
  • Ensure all knobs are in the off Open the gas control valve on the gas bottle or regulator.
  • Push in and turn the control knob to the Max Press the ignition button rapidly several times until left or right portion of the burner is lit. If burner fails to ignite, turn control knob to the off position and turn gas off at the bottle or regulator. Wait five minutes, then repeat the above steps. After successful lighting of one side, ignite the remaining portion of the burner. If the burner fails to ignite after following above procedure, turn all the knobs to the off position. Close the gas valve on the gas bottle. Wait 5 minutes, then repeat the above steps. If the barbecue still fails to light, please refer to the manual ignition instruction in the section below.
  • After ignition, the burner should be burned at the high position for 3-5 minutes to preheat the This process should be done before every cooking session. The hood (where applicable) should be open during preheating.
  • After completion of preheating, the burner should normally be turned down to a lower position for best cooking
  • Manual Ignition Instruction for Main Burner
  • Insert lit match through the match-lighting hole at the side or bottom of the barbecue
  • Push in and turn the control knob anti-clockwise to the max
  • After the left or right portion of the burner is lit, light the remaining portion of the
  • If burner fails to ignite, contact your local dealer for
  • After ignition, the burner should be burned at the max position for 3-5 minutes in order to preheat the This process should be done before every cooking session. The hood (where applicable) should be open during preheating.
  • After completion of preheating, the burner should normally be turned down to a lower position for best cooking

Lighting the Side Burner if you have one

  • Keep side burner free.
  • Set the control knob to off and turn on the gas
  • Push in and turn the control knob anti-clockwise to max
  • Push the ignition button several times and the burner should
  • If the burner fails to ignite after above procedure, turn the knob to the off position and close the gas Wait 5 minutes and then repeat the above steps. If the barbecue still fails to light, please refer to the manual ignition instruction in the section below.

Manual Ignition Instruction for Side Burner

  • Set the control knob to the off
  • Apply a lit match on the gap to burner
  • Push and turn the control knob anti-clockwise to max position and the burner should If the burner fails to ignite, contact your local dealer for assistance.

Grill Cooking

The burners heat up the flame tamer underneath the grill, which in turn heats the food on the grill. The natural food juices produced during cooking fall onto the hot flame tamer below and vaporise. The sub- sequent rising smoke bastes the food, as it travels upwards, imparting that unique barbecued flavour.

Roasting Hood Cooking if you have one

Barbecues equipped with a roasting hood give the option to form an ‘oven’ for roasting or baking food, such as joints of meat or whole chickens, etc. More even cooking of food will be achieved by using the barbecue with the hood down. However, this should only be done with the burners on low.

For best results, place the food you wish to bake or roast on a metal baking tray and set it on one side of the cooking grill.

Turn the burner directly under the food to the OFF position and turn all other burners to a LOW to MEDIUM position.

Close the hood to cook the food ‘indirectly’. Avoid lifting the hood unnecessarily as heat is lost every time the hood is opened. If the hood is opened during cooking, please allow extra time for the barbecue to regain its temperature and complete the cooking. Use the temperature gauge (if applicable) to monitor the heat of the barbecue.

If the internal heat becomes too high, turn the burners down to the low position. It is not necessary or advisable to have all of the burners on high when the hood is closed.

DO NOT ALLOW YOUR BARBECUE TO OVERHEAT. Take care when opening the hood as hot steam can be released on opening.

Flare-Up Control *Very Important Notice*

Flare-ups occur when meat is barbecued, and its fat and juices fall upon the hot flame tamer. Smoke of course helps give food its barbecued flavour, but it is best to avoid excessive flare-up to prevent food being burned. To control flare-ups, it is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL to trim away excess fat from meat and poultry before grilling, use cooking sauces and marinades sparingly and try to avoid very cheap cuts of meat or meat products as these tend to have a high fat and water content. Also, the burners should always be placed on the low setting during cooking.

When flare-ups do occur, they can usually be extinguished by applying baking soda or salt directly onto the flame tamer. Always protect your hands when handling anything near the cooking surface of the barbeque and take care to protect yourself from the flames.

If a fat fire occurs, please see the instructions given below.

Fat Fires

Empty and clean the drip tray, of food debris after each cooking session. If the barbecue is to be used for large gatherings, it will be necessary to turn off and cool the barbecue every two hours to remove food debris from the drip tray and clean it out. The time between cleaning may need to be reduced if very fatty foods or cheap meat products are being cooked. Failure to do this may result in a fat fire, which may cause injury and could seriously damage the barbecue.

Cleaning & Maintenance                                             

End of Cooking Session

After each cooking session, turn the barbecue burners to the “high” position and burn for 5 minutes. This procedure will burn off cooking residue, thus making cleaning easier. Make sure the hood is open during this process.

Turning Off Your Barbecue

When you have finished using your barbecue, turn all the control valves fully clockwise to the “Off” position, then switch off the gas supply at the bottle.

Wait until the barbecue is sufficiently cool before closing the hood or lid.

Care and Maintenance                                                                                                                                              

Regularly clean your barbecue between uses and especially after extended periods of storage. Ensure the barbecue and its components are sufficiently cool before cleaning. Do not leave the barbecue ex- posed to outside weather conditions or stored in damp, moist areas.

  • Never douse the barbecue with water when its surfaces are
  • Never handle hot parts with unprotected

To extend the life and maintain the condition of your barbecue, we strongly recommend that the unit be covered when left outside for any length of time, especially during the winter months

Even when your barbecue is covered for its protection, it must be inspected on a regular basis as damp or condensation can form which may result in damage to the barbecue. It may be necessary to dry the barbeque and the inside of the cover. It is possible for mould to grow on any fat remaining on parts of the barbecue. This should be cleaned off smooth surfaces with hot soapy water.

Any rust that is found that does not come into contact with the food should be treated with a rust inhibitor and painted with barbecue paint or a heat resistant paint. A chrome cleaner may be used on chrome parts if required. To prevent rusting, wipe chrome plated parts with cooking oil after rinsing and drying.

Cooking Surfaces

When the barbecue has cooled, clean with hot soapy water. To remove any food residue, use a mild cream cleaner on a non-abrasive pad. Do not use scouring pads or powders as they can permanently damage the finish. Rinse well and dry thoroughly. Due to the weight of the cooking surfaces, we do not recommend cleaning in a dishwasher.

It is quite normal for surface rust to be present on the cooking surface. If rust appears between uses or in storage, clean with a soft brass wire brush. Be careful not to damage the cooking surface, re-oil and cure.


Provided that they are operating correctly, in normal usage, burning off the residue after cooking will keep the burners clean.

Flame Tamer

Remove any food residue from the flame tamer surface with a plastic or wooden scraper or brass wire brush.

Do not use a steel scraper or wire brush. Clean with hot soapy water and rinse well.

Drip Tray

After every use, empty and clean the drip tray of any fat or food particles, using a plastic or wooden scraper if necessary.

Failure to keep it clean, and excessive build up can result in a fat fire. This can be hazardous and severely damage the barbecue. This is not a fault in the barbecue and is therefore not covered by the terms of the warranty. If required, the tray can be washed in hot soapy water.


We hope you enjoy the facilities provided to you by Crylla Cottages.

We do however rely on our guests to leave the barbecue equipment clean & ready for the next guest to enjoy and would appreciate you doing this.

Prior to arrival all vehicles must be registered with Pine Lodge Reception.

We offer one allocated parking bay, marked in white for each property, with an exception of Number 31 Valley View & our Stable and Woodland cottages which have two each. For visitor or overflow vehicles yellow parking bays are available onsite, on a first come first served basis, and therefore not guaranteed. Prior consent from Crylla Valley Cottages is required for minibuses, motorhomes, sign written vans, trailers & long wheelbase vehicles. Please note there is a height restriction upon entering our site, please enquire if your vehicle is in excess of 3 metres tall. The speed limit on site is strictly 10 mph.  Your vehicles, their accessories and contents are left entirely at your own risk. We will not be responsible for any loss or damage from or to any vehicle from any cause whatsoever other than, in the case of negligence by us or our employees or agents.

There are currently no electrical charging points at Crylla Valley Cottages. Guests are strictly prohibited from charging their vehicle by taking a supply from the property unless they have agreed and paid for this prior to doing so. Also, in doing so they are responsible for ensuring any collecting leads etc. are made in a safe manner and do not cause a risk to anybody at all. No allowance is made within our rates for charging an electric vehicle and in doing so reasonable customers would understand why, without consent, taking this additional energy would be considered a criminal act. 

The nearest charging point for multiple electric vehicles is situated Shell Garage, Carkeel roundabout, Saltash PL12 6LF.

You can also charge your vehicle whilst visiting China Fleet Country Club PL12 6LJ. (Chargemaster Charging Station) – 1 slow device (2 connectors), 1 rapid device (3 connectors).

You can charge your car whilst enjoying the facilities that are included in your membership as a guest of ours.

We are delighted that you chose to stay with us and hope you have an enjoyable holiday.

To assist us in maintaining our high standards of cleanliness, we would be grateful if you would vacate your accommodation by no later than 10am on the day of your departure.

It comes around all too soon, but before you leave us, we thought we would give you a helping hand!! Too often our guests are forgetting their belongings; it may be that it gives you a good excuse to return to us, but unfortunately, we cannot hang on to these forgotten items indefinitely! Having only limited storage space means we pass all lost property onto charity if it isn’t claimed within 2 weeks of any guest’s departure date.

So, with this in mind we have a double check list just for you;


  • Check all of the plug sockets for your charging devices; mobile phone chargers, camera chargers etc…


  • Remember your; mobiles, hairdryers, shavers, hair straighteners/curlers, laptops & chargers.


  • Check the DVD player; you may have packed the case but is the DVD in it?!


  • Is the Washing Machine or Tumble Dryer empty of your clothes?


  • Have you left any medication in the fridge or cupboard?


  • Are there any pyjamas under pillows or favourite bedtime toys in the cot?


  • Double check all your cupboards, draws and wardrobes for clothing.


  • Did you hang any coats or dressing gowns on the back of any doors?


  • Look under beds and around the sofas – you would be surprised where things can hide!


  • Any jewellery or reading glasses left on the bedside table?


  • Look in the bathroom cupboard for toothbrushes, toothpaste, lotions and potions.
  • China Fleet Club membership cards; make sure you have them ready to hand back into reception along with your keys.

In order for us to get the cottage clean and ready in time for our next guests please respect your check out time of 10am. We really hope you have enjoyed your time with us & hopefully we will see you again soon.

Have a safe journey home, from all the Crylla Valley Team 

A Note for your Dog:

When staying at Crylla we are made to feel very welcome and at home, any do’s and don’ts they have here are out of the interest of all Crylla’s Visitors.

There is a fantastic large lawned area and great Woodland Walk where we can run freely together and explore our surroundings with lots of wildlife around to keep us amused! We are asked not to go onto the lawn area in front of reception, in the children’s play area or on the toddler’s lawn. 

In the interests of hygiene and respect for fellow visitors please ask your humans to dispose of your waste in the bins outside of our property or in the dog waste bins located at the entrance/exit of the Woodland Walk and Wildlife Meadow. Please keep the Crylla grounds foul free and children friendly.

I know I’m a family friendly dog but some children playing at Crylla don’t know me and I notice they can get nervous, because of this I won’t go onto the toddlers green; I’ll let the little ones play without me trying to join in.

As my best friend I trust you to know if I’m going to get excitable around children or other dogs and leave you responsible for putting my lead on, staying with me and taking the necessary care to keep the grounds on which everybody plays clean.

If you fancy taking me to the beach for a walk, you can check out the beach guides, supplied by Crylla but, don’t forget we are just as close to a walk on the moors!

For more local options there is Cotehele House 01579 351346 (PL12 6TA) or maybe up to Louis’ Tea Rooms 01579 389223 (PL17 8AX) this is situated right by the entrance to Kit Hill Country Park. Hot food is served all day long with delicious homemade treats. At 800ft above sea level with amazing views over the Tamar Valley to Plymouth Sound, the high moorland of
Dartmoor to the East and Looe Bay to the West. Saltash town council also provide:

Latchbrook, Longlands & Lane Length of route: 4.6km (2.58 miles) 
Railways, Rivers & Castles Length of route: 8km (5 miles)
Trematon & Trevollard Length of route: 6.6km (4.1 miles)
A part of ‘Beating Saltash’s Bounds’ Length of route: 6 km (3.8 miles) – a further 1.95km (1.2 miles) if the walk to Moditonham Quay is included – a further 3.2km (2 miles) if walking back
to Carkeel from Notter Bridge; and 2.75km (1.7 miles), each way, if walking between Saltash Town Centre and Carkeel.

Please click on this link for a list of the Dog Friendly Beaches in Cornwall 

I can’t wait to get out, did I hear you say walkies?

Crylla Valley Cottages are pleased to provide our guests with an Emergency Service. Hopefully, you will never need this service, but if you do, you will certainly appreciate having our trained service staff just a phone call away. Before you pick up the phone to call us, though, we want you to know what to expect.

This emergency service is free at the time of request. However, if the emergency is due to any act of negligence or responsibility of the guest then you will be liable to reimburse the cost of the call out and any works carried out. If an emergency call out is made that does not in fact qualify as one of the reasons stated here, then you will be charged a call out fee of not less than £100 (including VAT). Please note that during bank holidays such as Easter, Christmas, and New Year periods many suppliers close and therefore, getting spare parts for items such as boilers etc, can be difficult or simply not possible – whilst our contractors will do their best in these circumstances a fix may not be achieved.

Emergency Service is just that: service we provide to you in the event of a true emergency. We have developed a response procedure for emergencies and other situations that may arise during non-business hours. We believe that if you know what to expect from us, you will be better prepared to deal with an unexpected event.

For problems that could easily wait until the next working day, we kindly ask guests to show some common sense about this and not to use the emergency service. For example, if you have time to look the matter up on a website it is probably NOT an after-hour’s emergency. If you have lack of hot water, or a clogged drain, these are not emergencies at 9pm (or 3am). Please report them to reception via email [email protected] or telephone call 01752 851133 between 9:30am and 5:30pm.

In the event of an emergency (An unforeseen event that if not dealt with quickly would, via a reasonable opinion render the property unsafe/insecure; or cause further damage to the Property; or cause personal risk to the guests) please read the below advice.

Examples of what may constitute Emergencies

No Heat in your Property: 

This is only an emergency in extreme cold weather in wintertime and when the heating is not working due to mechanical malfunction. If this is the case then please ring the emergency number and we will provide alternative forms of heating.

No Electricity in your Property: 

Please check fuses have not blown, circuit breakers in the consumer unit are in the ‘ON’ position and that there hasn’t been a general power cut in the area. Please check that your own appliances are not blowing the trip switches (you can do this by unplugging everything, resetting the switches to the on position in the electricity consumer unit and then switching each appliance on in turn). If you still do not have electricity please ring the emergency number. Your help in this is much appreciated.

If you have had a power cut, your digital clock on the oven will be flashing, it is not set, therefore your main oven will not work. Please turn the switch off and on at the wall, then reset the time on the oven. If you have any difficulties, please refer to the manual.

Flooding of your Property: 

Please call the emergency number immediately if there is risk of damage to possessions or the property and you cannot contain the leak. Please turn off the stop cock to the broken pipe or to the exterior water main, if you can locate it, until a contractor arrives. Switch off electrics if the water leak is near lights or power outlets.  Please do everything within your power to contain any leaking or flooding. Please use buckets and bins to catch the water as far as possible and mop up and/or soak up with towels any loose water as quickly as possible to prevent damage. Your help in this is much appreciated.


If there is a fire

Evacuate the property immediately and keep a count of all occupants that have left the property.
Call 999 first!! Please then call the emergency number.

If it is a False Alarm

If you’re linked smoke detector system is sounding call the emergency number. If you have set the alarms off by mistake (i.e. burning the toast etc) you will need to open all windows and waft a newspaper etc near the smoke detector where the smoke is, in order to clear the smoke. Only once the smoke has cleared will the detectors stop sounding and reset themselves. Your help in this is much appreciated.

Total stoppage of the plumbing drain system

If your plumbing drain system ceases to work, none of your sinks, baths, showers or toilets will function properly, please call the emergency number.

The stoppage of one toilet or drain when other bathrooms are functional is not an emergency, see below.

Other “Life-Safety” or “Property Protection” issues

For any other “Life-Safety” or “Property Protection” issues arising from storm damage or criminal damage to the property or otherwise not listed, please use common sense before calling the emergency number as we will only be able to respond to real emergencies that cannot wait until the next working day. Your help in this is much appreciated.

Examples of what may NOT constitute Emergencies

No Hot Water in your Property

This may be considered an emergency ONLY if there has been no hot water for an extended period of time: days not hours. In the event of no hot water, and it is not during a contractor’s normal business hours, we may be unable to repair the problem in as timely a manner as we would like, so please be resourceful in the meantime. ( for example please boil a kettle for hot water but take care not to scold yourself; please use the electric shower if you have one) Your help in this is much appreciated.

Clogged or Backed Up Toilet

This may be considered an emergency ONLY if there is only one toilet in the property. In any case, please turn off the valve behind the toilet, shut the lid and clean up any mess – due to health issues Crylla Cottages representatives will generally not begin work until the area is cleaned up and essentially free of bacterial contaminants. Your help in this is much appreciated.

Noise Complaints or Security Issues

Please contact the Police on 999. (If the problem is not serious enough to involve the Police, you still may wish to make us aware of it, so we can address the issue properly, by sending an email to our Reception. Please do not call the emergency phone number)

‘Break in’

In the unlikely event that your property is broken into, you will need to register the crime with the police and obtain a crime reference number. Please may we ask that you then leave a detailed voicemail on the Property Management number (or email us) providing details of the incident and the crime number that has been given. Should there be a need for the property to be made secure (broken windows/doors) please contact us on the emergency phone number. Your help in this is much appreciated.

Locked Out of Your Property, or any problem involving your lock and/or key.

If you lock yourself out or lose your key so that you are unable to get into your property, please call the emergency number.

WiFi/Broadband not working.

This is not an emergency so please do not call the emergency number. Please let Reception know in normal working hours.

How to Contact Us

In case of emergency please call one of the emergency phone numbers below-

07784190231 or 01752393397

For the best response when you call the after-hours emergency service, please stay calm and start your call by providing:

  • your name
  • the name/ number of the property you are staying in.
  • your telephone number.
  • A clear description of the problem.

Once you have contacted the emergency service and requested assistance this will mean that you have authorised us and our agents to access the property to undertake the works required, whether you are in occupation or not.

Please remember that you must leave your telephone number with the emergency service so we can update you on progress.

For all other emergencies not listed, please use common sense before calling, as we will only be able to respond to actual emergencies that cannot wait until the next working day

For anything else, please contact the Emergency Services using 101/999

These rules are in place for the good management of the Estate, and the enjoyment and benefit of all who use it. You as a property owner or as a guest of the Estate should ensure that you, or anyone staying with you, is aware of the Estate rules. You are reminded that a breach of these rules may result in you being asked to leave the Estate, ignorance is not a defence.


All guests should use the Estate safely and should not cause danger to themselves or others. You should obey all health and safety notices displayed around the Estate, and act on the reasonable instruction of the Management Company representative in all matters relating to health and safety. 

Parents – Please supervise children, including visiting children, properly so that they are not a nuisance or danger to themselves or others. Please do not allow them to climb trees or build dens and treehouses in the woods.

Reasonable Behaviour

All guests are expected to act in a responsible and courteous manner whilst on the Estate. In the event of a guest/owner who persistently acts in a manner likely to upset or annoy other users of the estate, or Management Company representative, or who is guilty of a criminal offence, we reserve the right to ask this person to leave the Estate.

Vehicle, driving and parking.

ALL vehicles must keep to the Speed Limit of 10mph whilst on the Estate Vehicles.

Caravans, Motor-Caravans, Trailers or Boats are not allowed on the Estate.

Quad bikes, trial bikes, powered scooters, Segway, hover boards and motorised go-karts are not permitted on the Estate.

All vehicles on the Estate must be fully insured, MOT’d, Taxed and in a roadworthy condition. The Management Company reserves the right to refuse entry or remove any vehicle that is deemed to be unroadworthy.

You may not carry out any work on vehicles whilst on the Estate.

Major vehicle repairs such as dismantling of part(s) of the engine, or work which involves the removal of oil or other fuels are not permitted.

Motor vehicle repairs must not be carried out on the Estate unless by a recognised breakdown service.

Guests are not permitted to wash their cars on the Estate using a hosepipe.


Cars are permitted on the Estate for the purposes of access only.

All vehicles must be driven in a safe and careful manner, and the driver must hold a full driving licence for the vehicle concerned.

Learner drivers are not permitted on the Estate and you are not permitted to give anyone driving lessons on the Estate.

You must not use a car to drive around the Estate for the purposes of visiting other locations on the Estate save to the extent of a disability. Reasonable evidence of a disability may be requested at any time by a representative of the Management Company.

Driving is strictly restricted to the Estate roads.


All guests must park in a designated parking space; you may not park anywhere else except in the parking space which forms part of your property. Visitors not staying at the property can park in one of the designated visitor parking spaces.

You must not park on the grass or roadside.

Your Property

You are responsible for the cleanliness of your property during your stay.

You are responsible for keeping the immediate area clean and tidy, and free from rubbish.


You are not allowed to use washing lines of any sort nor are you allowed to hang washing outside where it can be seen from any part of the rest of the Estate or any other properties on the Estate.


You must keep refuse in sealed bins within the boundaries of the

property out of site and once these bins are full you must take the

refuse to the designated Refuse area placing it in the receptacles,

and ensuring the bin lids are shut thereon to prevent vermin.

Visitors to your Property during your stay

The Estate is private property and only people lawfully staying with the Property owner’s permission have permission to enter the Estate.  Visitors must leave the estate by 11.00pm. It is your responsibility to ensure all visitors, and/or occupiers of your property adhere to the Estate rules.

All visitors with cars can park them in the designated visitor parking areas within the Estate.

Please observe and take all reasonable steps to ensure that all people who use or visit you and/or your property (including in each case children in their party) adopt the following standards of behaviour.

You, or they, must not:

* commit any acts of vandalism or nuisance.

* use fireworks.

* use charcoal barbecues (only gas fired barbecues can be used on    the Estate)

* keep or carry any firearm or any other weapon at the Estate.

* use any unlawful drugs.

* carry on any trade or business at the Estate.


You should respect the privacy of other Estate users and always keep noise to a minimum with absolute quiet after 11pm.

You must keep away from vacant properties.

Any BBQ must be finished by 10pm and strictly NO FIREPITS OR CHARCOAL BARBECUES ARE ALLOWED.

Any party or friendly gathering must be dispersed by 10pm.

You must not use drones on the Estate.

Chinese lanterns, fireworks or similar items are strictly forbidden.

You must not leave food outside on your property or anywhere within the Estate to feed the wildlife as it will attract Vermin.

Utilities Installation

If you experience any problems with the Estates electrical drainage or water system you must contact the Management Company representative. You must not attempt to work on any part of the Estates electrical, drainage or water systems yourself.

Drainage System

You must not introduce any foreign items into the drainage system including cleaning cloths, wet wipes, toilet wipes, baby’s nappies, sanitary towels, birth control products, cooking fats, engine oil and/or grease or paint.

These types of items should be bagged in sealed bags and placed in the waste bins.

Engine oil and/or grease or paint should be put in sealed containers and taken by you directly to the public waste tip at Saltash.


You must not dig any holes on or around the Estate.


All dogs must be always kept on a lead whilst on the Estate.

Dogs may run free within the dog walking area in the wildlife meadow.

All guests must clean up their animal’s mess at the time and dispose of it in the allocated bins.

All guests must be respectful of other guests and walk their pets in designated areas and not allow them to soil areas around other Estate areas or Properties.


Ball games are only permitted to be played on the main playing field.

The toddler play lawn is only for use by under 5-year-old children supervised by their parents and no dogs or pets are permitted in this area.

Skateboards, roller skates, roller blades and micro scooters are not permitted on the Estate.

For those guests who own property on the Estate these rules form part of the covenants you entered into when you purchased the Property.

The WIFI extends across a majority of our lovely grounds and to most of the cottages. This is the information about our FREE Wi-Fi service:

We project a signal ‘Crylla’ across the Crylla Valley Grounds; please connect using the password ‘1977duck

The shared total bandwidth is limited but acceptable for browsing; please note there are not individual routers for each cottage.

You will no doubt be aware line of sight to the projecting masts will help with your connectivity; this is generally toward the front elevation of the cottages and upstairs perhaps could also show a stronger signal.

We ask you are responsible with the usage; noting the number of devices you have connected to the signal and the downloading of any content will all draw off this one bandwidth affecting all users browsing experience.

Also we have a separate WiFi ‘Hotspot’ named ‘Ashwood’ with the same password of ‘1977duck’ this is located near to the Ashwood centre.

NHS Direct Helpline; call 24 hours on Tel: 111

If you need to contact a GP whilst you are away from home on holiday

  • You should telephone the surgery nearest to where you are staying: Tel: 01752 842281 Saltash Health Centre, Callington Rd, Saltash. PL12 6DL.
  • If the surgery is closed then you will be directed to the appropriate means of contacting a doctor out of hours, either by direct transfer or by answer phone message, so please have pen and paper handy to write down a phone number.
  • If you are calling on behalf of someone else, please ensure you have full personal details of the patient.
  • The out of hour’s service is for conditions which cannot wait until the surgery opens.
  • The call should be made from a telephone which is able to receive incoming calls, since in many cases the doctor will need to call you back.

You may be given an appointment at one of the out of hour’s surgeries. Please note that these are by appointment only. This is to ensure that all patients are seen with the minimum of delay. Also, please note that out of hours surgeries are not continuously manned.



Derriford Hospital Casualty Tel: 01752 439091 Accident & Emergency is 20 minutes drive away.

Derriford Hospital, Derriford Rd, Plymouth. PL6 8HD. Main reception Tel: 01752 202082. Located back over Tamar Bridge, take the 3rd exit off the A38 expressway following signs for Tavistock then A&E Derriford Hospital.

For accident and emergency advice on eye problems please telephone 01752 439330 or 439331.



Emergency Treatment on NHS Tel: 111

The following local practices may see a patient privately (not NHS);

Saltash Dental Surgery                    Tel: 01752 843680   163 Fore St, Saltash PL12 6AB.

St Mellion Dental Clinic                   Tel: 01579 350831   Briston Orchard, St Mellion PL12 6RQ


Please use the links for your cottage heating instructions

Ash Cottage Heating

Birch Cottage Heating

Brookside Heating

Elm Cottage Heating

Fir Tree Heating

Hazelwood Heating

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Storage Heater Operating Manual – This is reference all properties with the exception of the Rosewoods & Woodlands.

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The properties have water tanks that are heated up overnight, as you use the hot water this tank will refill with cold water. If you have fully occupied the property and you all shower/bath in the morning it will be unlikely you will be able to have a second shower in the evening. Should you want an additional hot water for a shower or bath push the emergency boost button beside the tank, do not use any hot water for an hour, then you should have enough to have a shower. The tank will fully reheat overnight.


If like us you are committed to helping reduce your impact on the environment we have listed below some ideas for your consideration.

If you can’t find ways to reuse it, then why not  Recycle? 

At Crylla Valley you can recycle your Mixed Glass, Paper, Cardboard, Plastics, Tins and Cans. We have designated recycling points over within Crylla for you to distribute the waste,  lease see our site map. 

You can recycle used batteries and carrier bags at reception. 

Please note all general waste is to go into the bins located outside of your property. When it  comes to our energy consumption saving is every bit as important. However small you think the change maybe you would be astonished with the difference you can make.

Here are a few  simple but effect ways to help:

1. Turn off at the plug or device and if possible unplug all devices when they are not in use; mobile phone, laptop, console, chargers, hairdryers, straighteners, coffee pots and lights.
Remember, standby is not off.

2. Wash clothes in colder water – most detergents will work just as well.

3. Re-use your towels; hang them up instead of throwing them down.

4. Run the dishwasher and the washing machine on full loads only.

5. Use the airer whenever possible avoiding the tumble dryer.

6. Take a quick shower instead of a bath.

7. Only boil a kettle with enough water for your needs.

8. Use a kettle to boil water for your saucepans and chop smaller to speed up cooking time.

9. Eat locally grown and unprocessed food.

10.Use the windows for light when the sun is out and turn lights off when you leave a room please.

Thank you for your support, from the team at Crylla Valley Cottages

Linen & Towels

If you are staying for two weeks and you would like a fresh set of linen & towels, this can be arranged with reception; at no extra cost.

If you would like clean linen or towels within a week’s stay, please liaise with reception as this can be arranged at an additional cost.

A housekeeping service may also be available upon request; please again liaise with reception who can advise you on costs etc.


Laundry Facilities

Although the majority of our cottages have washer/dryers we do also have a laundry room with a separate washer and dryer; located adjacent to the Ashwood centre.

For use of these machines you will need to obtain laundry tokens, at a small charge, from reception.



  1. Trago2Busines customers must produce their account card to the cashier, ahead of the cashier putting any items through the till, each time they visit store. If the account card is not produced, then store staff are instructed to process purchases as a retail sale and Trago2Business discount will not be applied. The purchase will not be allocated to your Trago2 Business account.

  2. Trago2Business reserves the right, for whatever reason, to withdraw, withhold or restrict your Trago2Business account/card at their discretion.


  1. Trago2Business offers free local delivery to Cornwall, Devon and Somerset for purchases over £1,000. Other deliveries will be considered on an individual basis.
  2. Trago2Business’ offer of free delivery, as mentioned in 7 above, provides one driver only and assistance should be provided by the customer for the off-loading of heavy or bulky goods where appropriate.
  3. If you are unable to provide assistance for heavy items, you will need to book in via the shop floor deliveries (two man service) and pay the relevant charge.
  4. We will deliver most goods to the first room or hallway in your home (subject to there being reasonable access)
  5. We do not provide a service to unwrap or assemble any products.
  6. If a pre-arranged day and time has been agreed for delivery with Trago2Business and the customer is not available when the Trago2Business vehicle arrives, a card will be left to advise the attempted delivery. The goods will be returned to the appropriate Trago store and the customer must phone Trago2Business on 01579 321331 to arrange another delivery date. Trago2Business will attempt delivery a maximum of two (2) times and, for any further attempts thereafter, a delivery charge will be levied. The charge will be appropriate to the value and size of the goods.
  7. Trago2Business cannot be responsible for any damage caused to goods which have been returned to store as mentioned in 9 above.
  8. Trago2Business does not deliver paint due to the risk of spillage and damage to other goods.
  9. Trago2Business does not deliver paving slabs and other heavy garden goods due to weight restrictions on our vehicles.
  10. No liability will be accepted by Trago2Business where delivery of goods is delayed for reasons outside its control.
  11. Any claims for shortages or damaged goods must be made within 5 working days to [email protected] quoting your account number as reference. Damaged goods and all packaging must be kept until any claim is resolved.


  1. Trago2Business undertakes to replace faulty goods or refund the cost of a faulty item where the fault is found to be due to any defect in manufacture. In all cases, Trago2Business financial liability shall be limited to the invoice value of the goods.


  1. Prices are shown net exclusive of VAT and less any discount applicable. Prices quoted are valid for a period of 14 days and the discount applicable will be stated.
  2. Special orders are subject to a 20% non-refundable deposit at the time of order. Discount will not be applied to special orders for carpet/flooring.
  3. Trago2Business offers a maximum discount of 15% to all their customers during the January sale period (usual exceptions apply). If a Trago2Business customer chooses to take advantage of the January sale then they must produce their Trago2Business card when making a January purchase. No further discount applies.
  4. Trago2Business’ hours of business are Monday to Friday 9.00 to 17.30.

 Orders placed with Trago2Business will not be accepted on any other terms and conditions other than those stated herein.


For you & the convenience of future guests

We are proud of our high standards and it is important to us you have a great stay. For your comfort and for those who will follow you we would very much appreciate it if you could inform us of any maintenance issues as soon as possible.

I am afraid we cannot prevent things from occurring; however please be assured we will endeavor to put any matter right ASAP.

If you have any problems within your accommodation requiring attention; please make a note of the matter, your property name or number, your name and contact detail.

Please pass this it through to our Pine Lodge Reception or email us at [email protected] Alternatively contact us on Pine Lodge Reception – Tel: 01752 851133

Many thanks for your support.

Please use the map below and the Key information to find out your allocated space and visitor bays. There is a large site map located on the side of the Ashwood Centre.


Our Reception telephone number is: 01752 851133

or you can email us: [email protected]

Summer Hours

During the Easter School Holidays, and from Whitsun May Half Term until 1st week in October reception is open during the following hours:

Monday 09:30 until 11:30, 15:00 until 17:30
Tuesday 09:30 until 11:30, 15:00 until 17:30
Wednesday  CLOSED
Thursday 09:30 until 11:30, 15:00 until 17:30
Friday 09:30 until 11:30, 15:00 until 17:30
Saturday 09:30 until 11:30, 15:00 until 17:30

Winter Hours

From 1st week of October through until Whitsun May Half Term Reception is open during the following hours:

Monday 09:30 until 11:30, 15:00 until 17:00
Tuesday 09:30 until 11:30, 15:00 until 17:00
Wednesday 09:30 until 11:30, 15:00 until 17:00
Thursday 09:30 until 11:30, 15:00 until 17:00
Friday 09:30 until 11:30, 15:00 until 17:00
Saturday CLOSED



If you arrange to have a parcel delivered to your address at Crylla it will still come to Pine Lodge Reception first. 
Please ensure it has your reservation name on it and we have the means of contacting you when it arrives.4

YOUR NAME & PROPERTY  Crylla Valley Cottages, Notter Bridge, Nr Saltash Cornwall. PL12 4RN


Crylla Administration Services

Printing, photocopying or scanning documents are available to all Crylla Guests at a small charge, our smiles are all free!

If you would like something printed, please attach it ready on an email and state which cottage you are from. 
Include if you would like the printing in black & white or colour and the quantity you require, the printing can then be collected from reception.

Please send it to [email protected]

The Tamar Bridge has a toll charge, upwards of £2, when you cross over from Cornwall back into Devon.

You can pay using cash or card.

Only use the lanes with a person symbol shown above. DO NOT USE THE TAG LANE as it is unmanned and you will need to call for assistance.

If you use a Sat Nav, make sure you untick ‘avoid tolls’ otherwise you could add an additional 30mins to your journey.

For up to date prices and further information please refer the Tamar Crossings Website.

In addition to the visitor leaflets given and other leaflets found in our onsite Ashwood Centre you can use these links:

Albert Cottage Veterinary Clinic:      Tel: 01752 843397  66 Liskeard Rd, Saltash, PL12 4HG


Calweton Veterinary Group:              Tel: 01752 846805  12 Keast Mews, Saltash, PL12 6AR


Require Kennels for the Day, why not try;

Tri-Acre Kennels:                                  Tel: 01752 851471  Wotton Cross, Landrake, PL12 5AA

We kindly ask you do not flush: ‘Flushable’ toilet wipes, sanitary towels, tampons and any other personal hygiene products. This will cause a serious blockage with our sewerage system resulting in the toilet becoming out of use and requiring an expensive repair.

Dispose of food fats and oils in the waste bin.

The bin outside your property will be emptied once a week. You will not need to move the bin anywhere. If you find your bin needs emptying beforehand, please inform reception. 

Using the site map please note where the recycling stations are situated around Crylla. There are separate bins for the following; mixed glass, plastic, tins & cans, paper & cardboard.

Reception also has facilities for you to recycle your carrier bags and old household batteries.

If your bins are overflowing please contact reception or put any additional waste in the blue bins behind reception. Do not leave any rubbish or food for the birds outside of the external bins as it will attract vermin.

Thank you for your consideration.

The Crylla Team