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Kernow Enjoys a Lovely Day Out at Looe

Thursday 15th August 2013

Day out at LooeI have met 6 new friends Cath, Chris, Harry, Lucy Amy, and Freddy, they are all staying at Crylla Valley Holiday Cottages.  I am dancing to pop music now.  We are already having fun in the car on the way to Looe and Freddy is playing tickles with me.  We went past a beautiful block of houses and a long row of boats.  I have just gone past black and brown cows but not spotted ones.


Today was awesome first we looked at the sea and the cliffs then we had some lunch I shared a fish platter with Chris my favourite was the mackle fish mmm!!!!!!! Then we walked on the cliffs I had to go in the monsters Kernow at Looeinc bag so I didn’t fall into the sea handsome Harry carried me.  Then we jumped onto the sand because the tide was up to the steps.  On the beach there was a cave which was really dark I didn’t want to go in but Lucy looked after me.



Me and Lucy found a pretty piece of blue pottery which was from the 1780’s and lots of other pieces.  We had a game of who could climb the highest me, Harry and Lucy won climbing a room cliff that was fun.  Then we got an ice-cream I shared a soft one with Lucy.

Kernow at Looe


During the day we did some little things such as going crabbing with Harry.


We caught 32 shrimp and 3 crabs, Lucy got told off because she tried to bring a crab home.  We got some rock from a shop and I shared with Harry.  Kernow has a day out





Then we walked back to the car and drove back to Crylla Valley cottages it was the best day ever I wish I could do it today and every day!