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Kernow Travels to Padstow on a Day Out with Friends

Monday 19th August 2013

Day out at Padstow



Today I went to the beach in Padstow with Cara age 9 and Matthew age 6.  It took one hour and it was worth it.  We took some photos and did funny jokes and when we got to Padstow we had an ice cream and looked round.


Kernow At Padstow




We then went to a pub and had crisps and a drink then we ask where the best beach was, a lady told us and we found a great beach.


Kernow's Day Out at Padstow




We had a picture by the sea and we made new friends we got in a massive tide which covered most of the beach we played jump over the waves and we saw jelly fish then we went back to our holiday cottages late and we all went to bed.  We all had a great day out!