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Kernow Ventures Back in Time at Morwellham Quay Port and Copper Mine

Wednesday 21st August 2013

Kernow at Morwellham QuayToday I went to Morwellham Quay Port and Copper Mine with Frey age 5 and Sam age 3.  We went on a train in to the mine it was very dark and bumpy!  We went on a ship and saw piglets a pony a horse a chicken and a goat.

We had a picnic and then Freya had bright blue bubble gum flavour ice cream!  Sam had vanilla yummy, I enjoyed some birdseed and a fish I caught in the river.

Morwellham QuayAfter that Freya Sam and me dressed up as Victorians, we looked very smart, the clothes were a bit itchy through………

Even though we had such a busy day, when we got back to the holiday cottage we went swimming at the China Fleet Golf Club.  Freya went down the water slide, I enjoyed diving in to.

We all went back to Crylla Valley for fish and chips and a good sleep!

Thursday 22nd August 2013East towards Rame Head from above Sharrow Point

Today I went to the beach with Freya, Sam, nanny, dad, gramps and mum.  I decided to join Freya and Sam on a trip to Whitsand Bay as Freya wanted me to come!  We had a lovely day swimming and surfing and building sandcastles.  Freya’s mummy and daddy had made a yummy picnic and I had some lovely fish sandwiches especially made for me.

After a quick snooze we headed back for a game of tennis and a swim at the China Fleet Club to end the day we had a lovely dinner at the Notter Inn Pub.