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Kernow’s Day Out with the Birthday Girl

Saturday 10th August

Today I found a new friend holidaying at Crylla Valley Holiday Cottages called Katlyn.  It was her ninth birthday today and we went to wildlife meadow with her dogs Polly.  Before we went to wildlife meadow we took lots of photos.  After we went shopping in lidls.  Then we went to wildlife meadow and took some photos there too.Kernow the Kingfisher

Then Katlyn and her family went to the China Fleet Country Club.  I realised they weren’t taking me but I wasn’t to upset because I found a cosy place in the holiday cottage to have a nap.  Soon they came home and Katlyn had spaghetti and croutons for her tea.  I had some pretzels and soon I was full Katlyn tucked me into bed at 6.39.

Sunday 11th August

Kernow The KingfisherToday I went on a hike with Katlyn until our feet hurt.  Then we came home and had some yummy strawberries for breakfast.  After that we went to Notter Animal Park.  I saw some Meerkats and Katlyn showed me some wallabies and racoons.  We also saw a bird who kept chasing me!  We even made a parrot say hello!  Wasps kept chasing us so we finally got away from the wasps by going home When we got home Katlyn’s mum cooked us a pizza and it looked delicious and I nearly felt like I was in heaven when I tasted it!  I am pretty sad because tomorrow I am leaving but I hope the next adventure with my next friend will be a beakful of fun!