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Letterboxing on Dartmoor

Sheepstor, DartmoorDartmoor National Park in Devon is located less than 10 miles from Crylla Valley Cottages.

Dartmoor is an area of outstanding natural beauty and visitors and locals alike enjoy the benefits and activities available to them across this rugged land.

A very popular activity with lovers of Dartmoor, is Letterboxing.  Letterboxing is an outdoor activity, a hobby for many.  Mostly, it is a lovely way to spend time exploring the area for anyone who enjoys treasure hunts and solving puzzles, whilst providing an opportunity to be in the great outdoors!

What are Dartmoor Letterboxes?

Letterboxes are small, weatherproof boxes hidden across the moor.  In each box, you will find a visitor’s book and a stamp.  Clues as to where to find the letterboxes may be found in letterboxing catalogues, or through word of mouth.

How do I start Letterboxing on Dartmoor?

You will need:

  • An ink pad
  • A notebook or set of blank record-cards
  • Good walking footwear and clothing (Dartmoor is a big, open expanse of land and you need to consider safety at all times)
  • A catalogue of Dartmoor Letterboxes (not essential if you already have clues to hand, but a good idea)
  • Your own unique stamp (again, not essential, but may be used to make your mark and stamp the visitors books of those letterboxes you find along the way)

Simply follow the clues to find the hidden letterboxes.  When you find a box, use the stamp in the box to stamp your notebook or record-cards and if you’ve got your own unique stamp, don’t forget to stamp the visitors’ book to say you were there!

We’d love to hear from any of our visitors who have followed a Letterboxing trail on Dartmoor.  Do let us know!