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Looking for a Walk? Try this one Talland Bay to Polperro and Back


15 Top Cornish Walks for DogsWoody and Rex here off on another one of our Cornish walks this one takes us on to the South West Coastal Path, just right for your holiday as there is a bit of everything on this walk.  Quite hard in some parts, worst bit was a very severe hill on the way back to Talland Bay.  It’s a walk I enjoy as I can be off the lead for most of it and it doesn’t take you too near the edge don’t want to go falling down and getting into any bother!  Talking of bother will need to keep a close eye on Woody!


Cafe at the start of the walk from Talland Bay



Great cafe!  Walks starts and ends here, heard mum say the coffee was lovely, not sure about coffee but the cakes look good!


Can just see the two beaches at Talland bay



View across Talland bay from the coastal path on the way up.  Woody and me are not allowed on this beach in the summer months but there is a small beach further along that we can go on.


Fairly easy walking this bit



Fairly easy this bit, not a bad path for dogs and humans!


War Memorial overlooks the seacliffs at Downend Head



What a magnificent location for a War Memorial………..No I didn’t mean next to me but overlooking the sea, it has the sailor’s names looking out to sea and the soldier’s names facing the land.

View of Downend Head




Still got away to go, just couldn’t resist stopping to take in the view.


View of the fishing harbour at Polperro from the coastal path



Very nearly there can see the fishing harbour, not sure how I get in for a swim but a clever collie like myself will find a way.


Museum over looking the harbour



Here I am!

Outside the Polperro Heritage Museum of Smuggling and Fishing, sadly dogs not allowed in here.  I’ll have to rely on you to tell me how good it is and what’s in there.  Good place to sit and have a quick breather.


Three Pilchards serves up fresh seafood



Great place this The Three Pilchards, dog friendly, hillside beer garden for us in the summer, lovely log fire for us in the winter can’t ask for more than that!

Colourful boats at Polperro



More water I can’t get to, lots of nice smells round here………. think we may be getting a nice piece of fish for lunch!


On the way back To Talland Bay


Talland Hill was steep; a few cars there so I went on the lead just to be on the safe side.  We passed the school then took a left turn  straight on till the end of the road then right onto Bridals Lane.  Nice and shady just right for a rest.



Nice leafy walk




Nice leafy walk, with lots of shade so even though it was a hot day this was perfect for those of us with fur coats!




Rex the Collie enjoys a drink




That’s what a Collie needs after a good walk  a nice long drink and yes I am sitting down again!


Rex cooling off in the rockpools




At last cooling off in the water on the dog friendly beach what a great way to finish the walk.