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Rex and Woody Explore Cawsand Woodland Walk

Collies ready for a Woodland Walk

Here we are, Rex and my little brother Woody all set to continue our adventures in 2013.  I know we have told you about Kingsand and Cawsand before, but this is a different walk in Cawsand that you can do and is suitable for all.

Great paths at the woodland walk


Woody’s first time here so he was very excited and didn’t know where to run first.

Woodland walk with sea views





Views of the woods one side with the sea on the other, quite safe for a youngster like Woody no cliff edges here!

Woodland Walk



Also room for me to have a play with my frisbee which is always good news!


Great view of this forgotten corner

Out of the woods now time to have a good sniff round or just sit and take in the view.   There is a ferry service which runs from and connects Plymouth to Cawsand and Kingsand.  Not sure how young Woody would get on with that sounds much to exciting for him!       Plymouth Breakwater


Just about see Plymouth Breakwater, even with poor weather we could still see quite distance.

Rame Head


My humans seemed to be a little distracted they are taking great interest in this sign all about The Coronation Wreck and have forgotten about throwing my fisbee!    Follow me up the SW Coastal Path


Come on follow me would love to see how far we can go, think it may go all the way to Rame Head.  What do you think Woody?

Cawsand Walk


Looks like we are turning back today Woody, we have to remember they only have two legs we have four.

Misty day across Cawsand



Bit misty but in the distance you can see Fort Picklecombe.  Dating back to the 1850’s its now a residential complex.

Seaside villages of Kingsand and Cawsand


On our way back now, great view of both Kingsand and Cawsand.  We may look high up but it didn’t feel like a steep climb.


Well just time to have a look at the War Memorial before we go and find somewhere for refreshments.  There are plenty of places to stop we like it when they stop for a pasty, there is great little cafe in the centre.  Lovely pasties just what you need after a brisk walk.