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Triple Attraction on a Single Family Day Out

Less than 30 minutes away from us here at Crylla Valley Holiday Cottages, situated just off the A38 at the A384 Dart Bridge Junction sits the triple attraction of Station at BuckfastleighSouth Devon Railway, Dartmoor Otters and Buckfast Butterfly Farm.  A joint admission ticket is available or choose the one that is of most interest to you.

The South Devon Railway is a branch line run mostly by volunteers and links Totnes and Buckfastleigh through the beautiful Dart Valley, a 2013 timetable is now available so there is no excuse to miss your train.

Before boarding take time to look around the station at its Museum, workshop historic artefacts, large model railway, gift and models shop.

If trains are not your thing then visit the butterfly farm or otter sanctuary where there is an opportunity to learn and enjoy the tropical butterflies in a Buckfastleigh a Great Day Outspecially designed rainforest environment or check in at the otter sanctuary where you can see how the work is done to treat and maintain the health of those that have been rescued.

Before you leave enjoy a picnic in the gardens or a walk along the riverside to finish off a great day out.