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Best things about UK Holidays

Cornwall Crylla Valley Cottages Blog

Staycations have always been popular, but more so in the past few years. With gorgeous beaches as well as breath taking countryside, Cornwall is one of the most popular regions of the UK for a staycation.

More people are reluctant to travel due to the uncertain climate, or just want to find ways to save a few pennies!

We can all remember going on UK family holidays as children, and many want to recreate those special memories with their own little ones!

Here’s a few things we love to reminisce about UK holidays…

  1. ‘Proper’ Fish & Chips
  2. Breathtaking countryside or coastline walks
  3. Local attractions, parks & wildlife sanctuaries
  4. Pasties and Cream Teas
  5. Arcades! We all love those 2p and ticket machines!
  6. Long days on the beach – Cornwall has some of the best beaches in the world!
  7. Getting the extended family together
  8. Visiting the independent shops for all their goods
  9. Tucking into a Mr Whippy, fudge or fresh hot doughnuts.
  10. Bringing your beloved dog to join in on your holiday.

Avoiding airports, luggage limits, price of passports & currency exchange rates.

We live in a beautiful country with some spectacular places to visit, so why not explore what’s right on your doorstep!