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Crylla Valley Adopts Billy for Another Year

Billy At The Monkey Sanctuary

Since we adopted Billy last year staff and guests alike have been keen to visit him. Here is a quick up-date on how “Our Billy” is getting on.

Billy has had a great year and enjoyed showing off to all our guests who have visited him. He has been at The Monkey Sanctuary for two years, he is now thriving with a healthy diet, spacious enclosures and lots of monkey friends!

This is very different from how he started off in life, living as a pet completely isolated from his own species.  He missed out on those important early years in a monkey’s life when he would have learnt how to behave.  Just like human babies monkeys learn skills and social etiquette from their family and friends.

Billy is growing fast and is already bigger than some of the other adult males at The Monkey Sanctuary.  His growth spurt, together with developing social skills and confidence hasn’t gone unnoticed and some members of the group are starting to show him more respect, including dominant female Jackie.  His idol and ‘father figure’ , Frosty has also been giving him extra attention.

Billy still spends lots of time playing with his old friend Charlie Brown. Billy At The Monkey Sanctuary He also likes to interact with the young monkeys in Elvis’ group who sometimes live next door, particularly Banjo, who is a young male of around the same age.

Despite his sad start in life, Billy is doing very well and things are looking good for him.  We are very pleased here at Crylla Valley to adopt Billy for another year and support the work Wild Futures are doing in protecting primates and habitats worldwide.

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