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Do you know what makes the perfect cream tea?

Cornish Cream Tea At SeatonThe world’s oldest producer of clotted cream, Rodda’s Cornish Clottted Cream, which was founded in 1890, recently commissioned a study to find out what makes the prefect cream tea.

There has been a difference of opinion for many generations whether it should be jam first or cream, whipped 0r clotted cream.  The Devon way is to have the cream first followed by jam, while the Cornish way is jam then cream.  A study by Dr Eugenia Cheng, of Sheffield University claims to have solved the dilemma!

The perfect cream tea has to have clotted cream rather than whipped so with that question answered, we can then move on to the long running dispute between the two counties is it the Devon way or the Cornish way?

The formula for the perfect cream tea according to the expert is indeed the Cornish way with the jam on the scone first, also take into consideration that there should be a 5mm ring left between the jam and the edge of the scone, and between the jam and the cream.  Don’t forget to measure the thickness of the scone which should be about 2.8cm thick!

Let us know how you like you cream tea and where have you had a perfect cream tea?