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St Piran’s Day – March 5th

Once again, 5th March will see every Cornishman waving their black and white flags to mark St Piran’s Day, a day held in high regard in the Cornish calendar. A central figure to Cornish identity, Saint Piran is the patron saint of Cornwall, and also the patron saint of tin miners, as he is said to have discovered tin, albeit that this discovery was by chance. The Cornish flag has a black background with a white cross through the centre, and is representative of when St Piran realised that if you place a black stone into the fire, a white liquid leaked from it, this being the first discovery of tin.

The Legend of Saint Piran, Patron Saint of Cornwall

Legend writes that in the 5th century, Saint Piran was thrown into the Irish Sea with a millstone around his neck, but rather than drown, he floated across to Perranporth, Cornwall, where he built a chapel and preached to many. It is also said that he lived to be 200 years old, although there is no record of the date of his death.

The 5th March is celebrated to provide the Cornish with a national day, and many Cornish communities recognise it as the first day of Spring and take part in the celebration. In fact, it is so recognised, that the town council’s of Penzance, Camelford, Truro, St Ives, Bodmin, Hayle, Redruth, St Blazey and St Columb Major all give their staff a day off work for St Piran’s Day.

If you are looking to join them in the festivities, there are many events taking place throughout Cornish towns on Monday 5th March;

Local Events on March 5th 2018 (St Piran’s Day)

  • Callington will be decorating their shops with a St Piran theme, and also continuing the fun with a St Piran’s supper, whilst being entertained with traditional Cornish poetry and music.
  • Looe will be hosting celebrations including dancing, Cornish music, entertainment from local schools and saffron cake. This will be taking place in the New Guildhall, starting at 10.30am on March 5th.
  • Bodmin will be celebrating with a parade through the town, commencing at 11am from the Library on Lower Bore Street, and finishing at St Petroc’s Church where St Piran’s Day will be celebrated by eating a good old Cornish Pasty!
  • Truro will have the usual large crowds, who will once again have a procession through the streets, and speeches outside the stunning cathedral, which will be hosting a St Piran themed lunch in the cafe, and Cornish folk music to enjoy. The procession begins at 1pm from St George’s Road and concludes at High Cross where in true Cornish style, there will be free pasties on offer. Later in the day, join further celebrations with music in The White Hart pub on New Bridge Street.
  • Led by the Mayor and Cornish bagpipes, another St Piran’s procession will take place from the Killacourt at 4pm in Newquay, followed by a short concert from the local school children at the Cribbar in Government Lane. Evening entertainment from 7pm will take place in Newquay Rowing Club with local groups singing and dancing, and also an illustrated talk about Old Newquay followed by singing of Trelawny at 9pm.

However you choose to celebrate St Piran’s Day, we hope you have a wonderful time enjoying this very special Cornish day.

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